Best Styling Tips Every Guy should know

mens fashion styling guide

I wanted a compile a list a concise figure that if you could forget about every other video we have over I think a thousand videos at this point and I would concise all my best hips into only ten ten style tips that I believe every dude should know by heart by now.

You where’d you get that hoodie from thank you thank you well this my friends is the olive essential hoodie I freaking love this color I’ve been wearing it for like three days straight which is kind of it’s kind of nasty but I think it looks that good if you guys want to check out the essential hoodie like I said there’s still something available you can link down below this color super sexy let’s hop into it number one when you’re dressing sharp always keep your shirt tucked in you already know the rule if it’s a button-down shirt and it’s cut below or covering your butt that’s a dress shirt and that means it should always be worn tucked in if your dress a sharp and you want to look good not sure should be tucked in don’t be the tool or the guy that’s wearing a suit or a blazer jacket what is shirt on top you look like you come from a lame boy band from the 2000 clean up your look and look sharper than everybody else by always keeping your shirt tucked in and take it a step further by making sure that shirt remains tucked in all day by anchoring your name.

Using cheap mens clothing online, this is the one of those secret items or secret weapons that every gentleman should have in their wardrobe it doesn’t matter who you are or how you dress if you have a suit or ever need to dress up for a presentation or wedding a date an interview whatever it is this is a secret weapon you need to have because with this tool your shirts gonna remain tucked in all day guaranteed I promise you that or your money back and since everything is made in the USA with super high quality materials I’ve been using the same short garters for I think two years plus now and they’re still going strong they still have the elasticity and again you’re paying like under 30 bucks for this that’s a steal so if you guys want to check out these shirt garters there’s gonna be a link down below also just gift them away like these make great stocking stuffers or a great addition to something you’re giving to your father to your brother or to that one stylish friend that you want to hook up you guys want to check it out there’s gonna be a link down below there’s gonna be a special discount code these make great gift number two always make sure your clothing fits buddy if you weigh a hundred thirty pounds sizes large and extra-large should be nowhere near your wardrobe they shouldn’t even be in your vocabulary and so many dudes tight try to overcompensate or feel more comfortable by wearing large or extra-large cuts when they clearly should be in a small or a medium number three when you find an item that you like buy two three or four of them see me

I’m a pretty practical dude I love black t-shirts I love hoodies I love your basic so when I find that one item that I like how it fits I like how it looks and how it like how it makes me feel I buy multiple them because I already know myself I’m gonna be trying to wear that all the time so I’ll make your life easier if you find a certain fit with a brand that you like buy three four five of them and if they have them different colors pick them up in different colors or the colors that you like so if you guys like the black essential tees get yourself three of them if you guys love the hoodies get one in each color so the best way to do this is if you find an item that you like let’s say like it is a t-shirt or maybe it’s an express dress shirt or a flannel from forever 21 whatever it is buy one the money you have now but then automatically go online and tag that exact item using shop tag shop taggers are sponsored in a free app that I’ve told you catalyst at times to download on your phone and on your web browser because this app allows you to tag items and create lists so once you know you like this item and it fits you perfectly start adding it adding on to your list that way you know when you have extra money and you want to expand your wardrobe you can go in and buy it again but here’s the kicker shop tagger will go a step further not only is it great for creating lists it also reminds you when those items are restocked or they go on sale so why haven’t you downloaded shop tagger it’s one of the best secrets and tools for guys that are trying to dress well and build out a wardrobe.

Oh it’s charcoal I feel makes you look like a bomb for five buy good gym clothes gym clothing was specifically engineered for the gym to help with compression with movement with air ventilation to minimize sweat all these benefits you get from gym clothing on top of making you look sexier and more attractive which like I’ve always told you you never know when you’re gonna meet the love of your life 6 wear clothing how it’s supposed to be worn well every time I say this tip the first thing that comes to my mind is guys that sag their jeans I mean dude if you’re over 18 you should be way out grown and out of that stage think about it trousers were cut and made in a certain way to sit either at your hips or at your waist on top of whoever told you that showing your underwear was actually attractive 7 apply fragrances correctly so to do this you want to apply two pressure points that release heat throughout the day such as the front and back of your wrist your neckline in the middle of your chest if you want a little bit more umph once you get dressed you can do one light spray across your clothing to really kind of seal everything in but this one you gotta be careful for because sometimes the scent is very hard to wash away number eight spend more money unless clothing I want you to flip the switch on this mentality that quantity is better than quality no it’s not good going and buying 10 $5 shirts it would be much better buying one good 30 to $40 shirt that you know will last you 34 years but also feels better and fits and conforms to your body back because most of those $5 shirts are disposable they end up shrinking they end up looking like crap and then on top of that when you throw them away you’re adding to your eco footprint number 9 get everything adjusted if it’s off the rack chances are it probably won’t fit perfectly.

Whether it’s a shirt a suit trouser chinos or jeans so make sure you have a good tailor I’ve showed you the power of tailoring I can grab a Walmart of clothing tailor it and it can look as good as Hugo Boss clothing I can grab Costco clothing do the same and the outfits look amazing I’ve showed you time and time again when you tailor your clothing it makes a world of a difference finally number 10 when you shop online always have a tape measure with you I mean personally I already know my personal measurements by memory so every time I’m shopping online I always go to the size guide and look at their measurements to see which size will fit me best but if you don’t buy a tape measure you can get them on Amazon for I think like 1 or 2 dollars maybe cheaper than that and that one thing will save you so much on returns and hassles because you can legit measure yourself and compare it to their online charts to make sure that everything you buy fits you perfectly on the first try.

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