How to Grow Long Healthy Hair

how to grow healthy hair

I’m going to be giving you a few tips on how to grow healthy hair um mainly for african-american hair um I’m natural but this is a protective styles all this isn’t my real hair but what I’m going to do is I’m going to show you where I was in 2010 when I first cut off my relaxed ends up until a few weeks before i got this so in

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so let’s take a look first at where i started you okay so obviously I had some significant hair growth since I cut those ends off into at the end of 2010 the first year I was doing everything myself in that transition I hated that experience it was just such a tedious experience for me to wash and condition my own hair and blow dry it and try to flat iron some people are great at doing their own hair I’m not but I can’t tell you what I did to get my hair growing in that first year before I even started letting anyone else do it I’m drinking lots of water is important also you help make sure you have the right diet because if you have a poor diet it can it definitely affects your hair growth and the quality of your hair best friend right here my why tooth comb um you should never be using a comb like this on your hair other than to make a part this is the only purpose that this comb service for me is making apart don’t detangle your hair with this comb you really shouldn’t be combing combing your hair when it’s dry but you definitely don’t want to use a comb like this when your hair is wet when you just gotta shower and washed it because our hair becomes very stretching when it’s wet and you don’t need something like this pulling on hair that’s already in a stretchy condition so use a wide tooth comb to detangle if you can invest in a woodcomb that’s very good because it is great for distributing the natural oils of your hair through when you’re combing your hair through also with plastic a lot of plastic combs have these these other lines in between the teeth that can pull on your hair um but I’ve haven’t had any problems with this comb I love this comb I think it came from walmart I’m pretty sure I’m is very sturdy though so definitely invest in a white to comb stay away from those combs other than making parts in your hair i don’t use any kind of product that has mineral oil in it no oil Sheen’s moisturizers scalp treatments I don’t do anything with mineral oil in it which you will find in the stores and most of those products I stay away from it because mineral oil sits on your hair shaft and it actually blocks the proper moisture from being able to penetrate your hair shaft so you’ll see it in oil Sheen’s and all kind of moisturizer honestly it just makes your hair shiny so it gives the illusion that it’s being moisturizer moisturized but it’s the same thing with your lotion with skin advanced mineral and a lot of times it gives you a shiny look but you still find that your skin is dried later even though you’ve been using this lotion over and over so try to stay away from things with men work lord have mercy try to stay away from things with mineral oil in them if you can do that peppermint shampoos are good because they wake up the scalp same thing it kept it helps get the blood flowing to your scalp which promotes hair growth hey now now because I like to wear my hair straight I don’t heart I don’t really do the washing goals or the curly hair I like my hair straight this is my soul in but this is how i wear my real hair when i have it out straight um so the first time i went to a professional was at the end in december december two thousand eleven they did a like a three-time conditioner on my hair mind you this is the first time i had been to a professional in about a year and a half prior to that i’ve been doing everything myself they clipped about two inches of dead you know that ends bad hair off and did a silk press with a flat i am did not have to flat iron my hair again period until it rained like a month month and a half later after that i started letting my friend wash and condition my hair she used a little bit of the cheese sure i believe it’s called straight guard on my hair and once she flat ironed it I wrapped it up every single night put a satin cap on top of it I did not have to flat iron my hair again um like I said unless it rains and I would have to do it but the heat didn’t cause it to swell and my hair isn’t damaged I know a lot of people you know the damage is your hair well I don’t use a flat iron on my hair but week and I don’t have Ajay don’t have split ends the hair looks very healthy and it you know it bounces and everything so I don’t have that extreme I don’t have the bad experience with wearing my hair straight because I don’t keep the flat iron on my hair also important if you’re going to flat iron know that healthy hair burns at 451 degrees so flat iron should never be over 450 it really isn’t necessary to even go that high if your hair is not in healthy state don’t even go near for anything I have on on my oh she said I have an article called healthy with heat I tell you everything that you can do to protect your hair um if you’re going to use heat what temperature ranges you should be using according to the quality of your hair so check that out if you want to know how to stay healthy with heat um but yet the cheese straight guard is very good if you’re going to be wearing your hair straight because it helps keep your hair straighter longer it doesn’t frizz up swell up I don’t know all the chemicals that are in the cheese straight guard um but my hair will still curl if it is wet I will admit it takes a little bit longer to get curly but it still is you know it still will curl up once it’s wet so lots of water good diet why to cone stay away from mineral oils stay away from hairspray i don’t use any kind of holding spray I don’t use gel gel is absolutely no no I don’t let any I don’t care if it’s a professional I don’t let anybody put gel on my hair certain hair sprays are okay if it’s not stiff but if it’s something like spritz stay away from it anything that makes the hair hard or dry it out that’s why you need to be careful with certain shampoos pay attention to what chemicals are in the shampoos and different hair products you’re using because a lot of those things and if they have alcohol and stuff in it that can dry your hair out so definitely learn about the chemicals that are in the products that you are using and find out what it does and the other thing I do to just keep my hair growing is this right here protective styles right now I have a soul in um even with sew ins you still have to be careful make sure the braids are not too tight when they’re braiding your hair for the so in so and make sure they’re not too tight when they’re sewing in make sure the stylist is not pulling the thread too tightly if it feels that way you need to let them know because that the pulling can you know they can pop your hair you don’t want to have a sew-in think everything is going good take your hair out three months later and then you got breakage and shedding everywhere so definitely make sure that you’re praising your sewing not your type another protective style a lot people are doing is more now they are going back to box braids or individual braids same thing make sure they’re not too tight but if you’re trying to if you’re gonna wear braids to protect your hair I would stay away from small ones because that’s more pressure on your hair when you’re getting those little tiny any braids um so I would stick with like medium sized brains if I was gonna wear those for a protective style also pay attention to type of hair you’re using um especially when you get braised a lot of people use synthetic hair which is cool but make sure if you’re going to use synthetic hair it’s not a hard cutting if make sure it’s softer you want you something it should feel soft on your hands it feels rough in your hand don’t put it on your hair because it’s a good chance that that’s going to cut up your hair so even if you’re going to do synthetic brains make sure the synthetic care is a good enough quality to be put mixing in with your real hair so it doesn’t cut your hair so those are my tips for you why toothcomb good diet lots of water stay away from mineral oil make sure you are getting the proper conditioning and washing massage your scalp every now and then just to make sure that the blood gets flowing to the scalp because I promotes hair growth also like I said with the peppermint shampoo that helps wake up it helps wake up your scalp protective styles are great but just remember those tips and don’t forget to go to oh she said it calm and look at my healthy with heat article that’s under the fashion help in beauty section if you want to see something else let me know what you want to see don’t forget to subscribe like the video if you like it um and if you have questions about the hair I have in right now it’s Bobby boss indi Remi I did a review on that follow up I’ll put the link up if you want to see that it looks very nice it sheds and tangles very bad but it does stay this has been in about two months so it looks good but you mmm there’s a lot of and tangling but you can watch that for yourself have a great day you