What does a Podiatrist do

podiatrists what they do

Looking forward to a professional who can encompass an ability to diagnose, manage and treat your foot? Well, what comes as a great fact is that, a podiatrist is that specialized healthcare professional who has the ability to execute the above-mentioned aspects. If you’re feeling pain in your feet, that might be caused by heels or even arch pain, you can take up podiatry services as the pain will hamper you from doing daily activities successfully. Digging deep, people with diabetic foot ulcers as well as foot wounds can avail the services of a proficient podiatrist. If left ignored, the same might lead to a serious array of complications. Thus, getting the best feet care is mandatory to lead a healthy life.

Why do people generally go to a Podiatrist?
• Diabetic foot ulcers
• Deep wound management
• Heel pain
• Flat feet pain
• Corns
Ingrown toenail
• Calluses and more

Podiatrist offers an array of services, some of them are listed below:
1. Nail Care:
An ingrown toenail is the most common yet painful problem that a majority of population face in Singapore. The nail develops and curls inwards and pierces the toe’s skin, this leads to tenderness and swelling. It’s pretty painful especially when pressure is applied to the affected area. Solution? Well, a Podiatrist is available at your disposal, they can help in cutting down the ingrown nail by gently pushing the skin away from the nail with the heel of tools and solutions. If it’s worse, nail avulsion surgery is also available as an option, Podiatrist is proficient enough to handle that. There might be fungal infection amidst the Nail, if you are observing green or yellow patches, consult a podiatrist now.

2. Foot Wounds:
When it comes to Foot Wounds, it’d be evident to say that they are pretty different as compared to other parts of a human body. If you have a wound on either side of your foot, you must consult a Podiatrist for the purpose of avoiding ambulation. Podiatry services come handy when it comes to managing both, chronic as well as acute foot wounds. If your wound has not improved in over 2 weeks, it’s a chronic wound. Causes of a chronic foot wound can be infection, trauma and more. When we talk about treatment, a podiatrist first assess the problem that is actually causing the wound which is non-healing. They usually start by sharp debridement of the wound, a podiatrist would then prescribe dressing methods, you can also obtain advice about proper wound care regime. Biomechanics and wound care are what podiatrists love to manage, don’t give a second thought when you’re in a problem, consult the best podiatrist with confidence.

3. Lower Limb Kinetics:
Ever experienced an unusual and not so comforting ground reaction force? Well, it happens when the intrinsic or extrinsic structure of your feet isn’t working properly. Whenever you execute some ground reaction force you might feel a little pain at that instant. This is alarming, if left unattended, it can develop and cause a higher degree of pain, over time. A podiatrist comes to rescue by analysing the feet abnormality, he will assess the feet’s motion, pressure points. Biomechanical test of your foot is what is done by a podiatrist. Then a podiatrist will evaluate and tell you about any movement or pattern that is causing the pain. Both, dynamic & static assessments are done by the experts. Under dynamic assessment, a podiatrist might ask you to walk and run barefooted. This leads to the generation of data based on the relationship of your body with that of your feet. This helps podiatrist determine the movement patterns that are doing damage to your feet. In case of static assessment, evaluation of the patient’s skeletal anatomy is performed which includes, muscle testing for lower limb as well as the morphology of the foot.

How much might it cost?
Well, the treatment and consultation cost solely depends upon the region from where you’re coming. Major areas where Podiatry services are common and are delivered proficiently are Geylang, Toa Payoh, Yishun, Woodlands, Hougang and much more. On average, consultation cost of the majority of podiatrist starts at SGD 120 to SGD 140. The cost of treatment is variable and it depends solely on your feet’s present condition. You can add a couple of hundred SGDs for ingrown tail treatment or any other pain relieving treatment as well. In case of fatal feet condition where a surgery is required, the cost might vary anywhere from SGD 1000 to SGD 3500. Always remember that manipulating your feet when you’re in a problem, is not at all a good option. Considering the proficient array of services of a podiatrist might help your feet and this would also make your movement smooth.